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:. Major Events in 2005

HASI Round table in GKM - Budapest
In March 2005 HAIF met with the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Transportation to discuss the opportunities of the Hungarian industries to take part in the EU aerospace projects. Invited parties were: ITD Hungary experts, MAJOSZ, PANAC leaders and managers from GKI and NKTH.
At the meeting
HAIF chairman held a presentation with the title of:
Opportunities of the Hungarian Industry to participate in the EU aerospace manufacturing activity - Diversification of SME activity
Click here to view the presentation in Hungarian

After the mtg a memo was prepared an circulated among the participants.
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New Member States Research&Development Workshop - Brussels
On the 8th of September a best practice workshop was be held with a title:
Developing new Member States' capabilities in Aeronautics research
The objective of the workshop was to exchange best practice on how to improve the research capabilities of new Member States.
Participants of the workshop were the responsible officials of the ministries and agencies for Aeronautics and air transport; as well as representatives responsible for RTD of industry.
HAIF chairman Mr. Hideg held a presentation with the title:
The situation and development of Aeronautics in Hungary
The presentation will be published from 1st of October.

Prospects of the Aviation Industry in the Expanded EU - Rzeszow
The one day conference was organized by the Aviation Valley Association Poland on the 15th of September. The objective of the mtg was to gather an extensive representation of aviation industry professionals from the 10 new EU states as well as from Romania and Ukraine.
During the conference participants had the opportunity to restore close partnerships from the past.
HAIF was represented by Mr. Janos Racz.
Presentations will be published on the organizers' website soon.

Cabin Systems Holding GMBH - Information day Budapest
Cabin Systems Holding held a presentation on the 13th of October in Budapest.
The systems house for aircraft interiors is contemplating to establish a subsidiary in Hungary.
Click here to view CSH presentation in German
Click here to view HAIF presentation in Hungarian
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Aerosolutions Expo 2005 Bordeaux Nov 8/9
Every year Aircraft and engine manufacturers meet with their suppliers in France either in Toulouse or Bordeaux.
This year Bordeaux was the venue for the
Aerosolutions Expo 2005.
The last year event in Toulouse proved the increased interest of Contractors toward East European low cost suppliers, because outsourcing and subcontracting became a vital element of competitiveness of all western contractors.
Last year about 480 companies represented the Aerospace Industry of the world in Toulouse.
During the two day event Hungarian potential suppliers met Aerospace contractors from all over the world, in a pre-planned 40 minutes meetings and presented their capabilities or innovations.
ITD Hungary,
HAIF, Advanced Engineering Ltd and Terrasan Ltd. represented the Hungarian SME sector.
On the second day of the event
HAIF, Advanced Engineering, and ITD Hungary held presentations about the Hungarian Aerospace Sector and the investment environment in Hungary.
Click here to download HAIF presentation

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