General objectives of the Platform:
1. Facilitate the development of the local R&D&I aerospace activity
2. Support the diversification efforts of the best Hungarian organizations into Aerospace sector
3. Invite the best and most competitive companies from the automotive and ICT sector into Aerospace reearch
4. Create a common technological platform for the aeronautical and space organizations to reach economies of scale and use each others' best practices
5. Establishing new international R&D&I relationships

Specific objectives of the Platform:
1. Jointly develop and test prototypes of aerospace systems for aircraft and satellites
2. Launching complex R&D projects with combining capacities and capabilities of the organizations of
3. Implementation of advanced quality, productivity and project management methods to improve the competitiveness of
HATP members
4. Seeking collaboration with the
Hungarian Aerospace Cluster and the Hungarian Space Cluster
5. Improve participation of Hungarian organizations in the Aerospace related FP7 Framework Program and Galileo program

The Aerospace City project

The „Aerospace City” will be a dedicated area of an Innovation Park located 25 km from Budapest near Herceghalom.

In the central part of of the area there will be two buildings hosting the key activities.
One of them is the Aeropace Technology Center, the other is the Space Test Center created jointly by the German IABG company and the leading Hungarian electronics company: Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.

The Aerospace Technology Center will provide opportunity for R/D/I activity to both Aeronautical and Space companies.
All activities will be supported by the most up to date technologies and laboratories meeting all ESA and NASA requirements.
The Space Test Center will satisfy the requirements of the regional space industry by providing  testing services for micro- and mini satellites and its on-board systems at competitive prices.

This Space Test Center investment will be the only ESA and NASA compatible space test center in the region.
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