The Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform was established in November 2007 by 9 organizations from the fields of design, development, manufacturing, research and consulting in order to combine resources of Hungarian aeronautics and space organizations.

The new organization will represent
50+ SMEs in design, R/D, testing and manufacturing fields. HATP will be co-chaired by Mr. Mihaly Hideg (Aeronautics) and Mr. Janos Solymosi (Space).

Founding members:

Mihaly Hideg
Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation
Co-chairman, Aeronautics
Janos Solymosi
Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd.
Co-chairman, Space
Dr. Jozsef Rohacs
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Board Member
Roland Guraly
Slot Consulting Ltd.
Board Member
       Founders of the Aerospace Technology Platform
Dr. Csaba Ferencz
Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest
Dr. Antal Banfalvi
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Sandor Szalai
SGF Ltd.
Laszlo Bodnar
BL Electronics
Attila Hirn
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