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HAIF was established in 2003 when the aviation community of the world celebrated  the 100th years anniversary of the powered flight.
Our private, non profit organization was founded by industry managers working for various aviation or aerospace companies and desire to promote and develop the
Hungarian Aviation Industry.
plays a role of a catalyst and facilitator in the industry development process while actively supporting the following project types:
        · Research and development
        · Supplier development
        · Quality program development
        · Training program development
        · Productivity improvement
        · NPI program
        · Offset program
        · Greenfield, Joint Venture, Acquisition program
        · Airport and Business Park development program

In our website you will find useful information about the:
Hungarian Aerospace Companies
Hungarian Aerospace Cluster (HAC)
- Hungarian Aeronautical Research Platform (HARP)
Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform. (HATP).

Data about the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster can be found on the Cluster data page, where you can find companies dealing with:
design and engineering, sport airplane manufacturing, rapid prototyping, software development, tool manufacturing, aircraft and engine part manufacturing and testing.
On the R&D activity page you can find information about the
HARP network, organizations involved in aviation and aerospace research and development activity.
:: The Status of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry
The Hungarian aeronautics is represented by 130+ companies and employs about 2600 people. The Hungarian Aerospace Cluster has 31 members.
Click here to see a summary page about the seven major Greenfield/FDI projects that shaped our reemerging Aerospace Industry after the year 2000.

The recent history of our industry shows 3 distinct periods :
1. Stagnation period - during the 70s-80s
2. Transformation period - during the '90s
3. Reemergence period - from the '00s
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:: A Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform Established
By the initiative of HAIF a Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform (HATP) has been established on the 9th of November 2007.
The founders are:
HAIF, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, ELTE, Slot Consulting Ltd., Bonn Hungary Ltd, SGF Ltd., BL Electronics and KFKI AEKI.

The new organization will represent 70+ SMEs in design, R/D, testing and manufacturing fields.
HATP will be co-chaired by Mr. Mihaly Hideg (HAIF) and Mr. Janos Solymosi (Bonn Hungary Electronics).

Combining resources and harmonizing activities of Hungarian aeronautical and space companies will help Hungarian aerospace SME-s in better participation in
FP7, JTI Clean Sky and Galileo projects.
Industry News:

26 June 2014 :: HAIF
Under the leadership of Óbuda University on the 26th of June 2014 an Unmanned Aerial System Cluster was established in Budapest to become a leader and catalyst in new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) research, development and innovations in Hungary.

29 April 2013 :: HAIF
Under the leadership of HITA and
HAC 6 Hungarian companies participated at Aero 2013 exhibition in Germany. Avana Industries, Halley Llc., Corvus Hungary, BHE Electronics, Hungaro-Copter Llc. and Produktum Llc. exhibited 8 aircraft types, including 2 amphibians, 2 gyrocopters, one helicopter 2 UL-s and a small UAV.

24 April 2012 :: HAF
Corvus Hungary Llc unveiled its new Corvus Fusion UL/LSA aircraft in Friedrichshafen, Germany. More

25 November 2011 :: HAC
Under the leadership of HITA Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency and
HAC six Hungarian companies participated at the European Defence Meetings in Bordeaux between 23-24 November 2011. Dendrit Llc, Gravitas 2000 Llc, Bonn Hungary Electronics llc, Borsodi Műhely Llc, Macher Llc, Magyarmet Llc and Rea-Tech Llc exhibited their products and services. More

08 June 2010 :: HAC, HATP
Under the leadership of
HAC, HATP and ITD Hungary eight Hungarian Aerospace companies visited the ILA 2010 Berlin Airshow.  Avana Industries Llc., BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Llc., Borsodi Műhely Llc., Dendrit Llc., econEngineering Llc., ELTEC Group, Gravitas 2000 Llc. and Technoplast Llc. exhibited their products and services at the dedicated Hungarian stand at the International Supplier Center. On Tuesday Mr. Mihaly Hideg HAIF Chairman held a presentation about the  latest development of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry during  the ISC Forum and gave an interview to Flight International Magazin.

06 June 2010 :: HAC
The Hungarian Aerospace Industry entered into a new stage of development with the debut of the new Hungarian designed acrobatic aircraft at the Red Bull Air Race in Canada. The Corvus Racer 540 aircraft is the only non US type participating in the race piloted by the Hungarian world champion Peter Besenyei. More

10 April 2010 :: HAC
Under the leadership of
HAC and ITD Hungary seven Hungarian aerospace companies visited the AERO 2010 Expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany the largest Expo in Europe for general aviation aircraft.
Corvus Aircraft Llc, Halley Llc, Idea Aircraft Llc, Avana Industries, Dioferr Llc, Bonn Hungary Electronics Llc, and Naturen Llc. exhibited 5 aircraft types under development and 3 types under production.
See videoclip

06 April 2009 :: HAC
Eight Hungarian aerospace companies visited the
Aero Friedrichshafen 2009 expo in April 2009.
Corvus Aircraft Llc., Avana Industries., Halley Llc., Idea Aircraft Llc., BHE Bonn Hungary Llc., Dioferr Llc., Naturen Llc., Produktum Llc. exhibited all the 8 Hungarian aircraft under production and development. This event was a remarkable show for our young industry showing the world for the first time the
full product range of our newest sport aircraft.
Download video
See HAIF presentation

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100 years logo
100 years
  of powered flight
  in Hungary
Hungary's aerospace industry can look back on rich traditions: several outstanding Hungarian aircraft designers and builders left their mark on the early history of aviation.
Libelle photo
Libelle - 1910
János Adorján was the designer and builder of the first flyable aeroplane in Hungary. His two cylinder plane "Libelle" took off successfully in Budapest on
the 10th of January 1910. More
Replica of the Libelle - 2010
Overview of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry
:: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cluster Established
Under the leadership of Óbuda University on the 26th of June 2014 an Unmanned Aerial System Cluster was established in Budapest to become a leader and catalyst in new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) research, development and innovations in Hungary.

The founder organizations were HM EI Zrt, BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd, Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation and Institute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering at Óbuda University.
The main objective of the cluster is to establish a virtual lab with a critical mass of resources to support the market success of the local researchers, developers and manufacturers
Founders of the new UAV Cluster